The Process

The best scenario is to start small, knocking out the tasks that take the longest time, and then add more functions to them as you start to understand more about just what can be done. I find it takes about six months for a new client to stop prefacing requests with “would it be possible to”. I recently had a client start to say that, and then he stopped and said “you really can make our computers do anything we want, can’t you?”.

The answer to that question is YES, but my most important ability is being able to take complex tasks and create SIMPLE systems to replace them. Systems that are so intuitive that there really is no significant training time for new employees. In fact, in more than 25 years I have only been asked once to provide a manual, by a business owner who later cancelled that request once he looked at what I had installed.

Think about the POWER this gives you
as a business owner or manager!

In essence, you can make your computers
do anything you want!

Here is an example of what can happen: I have seen owners and managers suffer a kind of “extortion” at the hands of employees who had become the only people in the business that knew how to do a certain task. I had one employee who insisted that they had to work at home two days a month to accomplish a special task.  I created a system that reduced that time to do that task from two days to ten seconds and now the manager just does ONE CLICK of a button to do the job each month!

Norm Johannes   
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Bruce has been able to take many of our most complex tasks and reduce them to easy to use systems.

Neil Fisher   
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I can't begin to count all the hours you have saved us over the years!

Jim Brown   
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Bruce has always done exactly what he says he will do. We have substantially increased our business!

Sheila N.   
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When we need to make adjustments to our System, Bruce is always quick to respond with a simple solution.

My service takes complex tasks and automates them so that ANYONE can do them. The tasks that used to take hours or even days now take just seconds and, better yet, the only way to do the task is the right way. If there is a piece of data missing, the system will force the employee to enter it before they can finish the task.
When I create a system, the task is in the computer and you own the system. You don’t have to train a new employee, just tell them to follow the steps on the screen.

…what about the ROI?