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Thank you for visiting One Click Programming, where I can take your most time consuming tasks and reduce them to just ONE CLICK.

bmyronMy name is Bruce Myron and I have been working with small and medium sized businesses in the Portland area for more than 25 years. I have consistently found that there is a very great need for automation of administrative tasks large and small. Some businesses I have helped with simple tracking systems that cost a few hundred dollars, but some systems can be large mutlti user systems that are at the core of the business.

Fortunately, I worked in business several years before I started learning about computers and I am very focused on how computers can help the business. The only reason for what I do is to reduce cost and increase revenue and profit in the client business. Too many programmers are too impressed with themselves to realize that, unless their work helps the business grow, they have accomplished nothing.

Debbie Owens   
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Our Order Entry System is very large, but Bruce made it easy to work with, even for me!

Steve Rogers   
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You told us we would see the results before we paid you a cent, and you were right! Thanks!

Neil Fisher   
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I can't begin to count all the hours you have saved us over the years!

Nicol McFadden   
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Payroll calculations used to take hours. Now it's done in a few seconds! Thanks!

I remember what it is like to be in business and not know all the jargon terms and geek speak that is thrown around. I determined when I entered the computer industry that I would be the person that the non-computer business owner or manager could count on to provide them with the most cost effective technology without them having to learn how it all works.

The trust my clients have in me is the NUMBER ONE asset of my business and that is probably why most of my new clients come from unsolicited referrals from the owners and employees of my current client businesses.

When I start working with a client I find that it takes a few months for them to realize that what I can do is far, far beyond ANY of their expectations. The challenge is to get business owners and managers to realize just how low their expectations are. Most people have no idea how powerful even cheap business computers are. Things that you may think are too complex are not only possible, they are usually easy and quick for me to create.

No off the shelf piece of software is going to completely fit your business. In some ways, the program you bought always becomes a straight-jacket and you have to conform the way you do things to how the programmers of that product thought things should be done.

I consider that a travesty, because you are the expert in your business. I’ve always said that I like to turn the computers from a push to a pull. What I mean is, instead of you having to push against the limitations of your software to get the work done, I put your expertise on how things should be done into the computer.  I make the computer conform to your business and tasks become simple and fast, then I go beyond that to have them actually start pulling in new business.

For example, instead of just having a system that just makes order entry fast, the system could also create a daily list of referral solicitation calls to make a few days after the sale. Typically these type of calls are never made because no one has the time, but the efficiency of the system has given that time back to your employees.

I have hundreds of examples, but the trend is the same: dominating your data by making the system conform to you, not the other way around, and then using it to generate more business.

I encourage you to CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW via phone or email so I can show you exactly how I can reduce computer frustration, increase productivity and enhance the revenue and profitability of your business.