Let Your Computer Work Harder!

Are you ready to have your computer take on more of your work load?  There is nothing I like better than watching a computer work hard doing something that used to take me hours while I sip coffee.  You could have that experience too!

All the tools are here – its just a matter of spending some time learning how to use them.  Microsoft Access and Excel have so many features I doubt anyone knows all of them!

Sure, you’ll spend a little more time for awhile but, after that, things will never stop getting better and better.  I remember years ago when I stayed after work to learn create a program that would make my job easier. 

I got laughed at by co-workers who could not believe I was giving up some of my own time to do this.  Funny thing is – they are still working at those dead end jobs and I’ve been working from home for years.

I was looked down on by a few computer “gurus” too and, I have to admit, they were brilliant.  But you know what?  All their knowledge is useless because they just use it to entertain themselves.  I found out a long time ago that there are many great people and businesses out there who just want someone to help them out that has common sense and will listen to them.

This could happen to you too.  You start out just wanting your computer to work harder and, before you know it, someone else is asking you to help them too.  For me this turned into a full time occupation – one that will ALWAYS be in demand.

Even if you have no interest in that and just want to make your own tasks go more smoothly, learning how to really use tools like Access and Excel is like using your brain instead of manual labor.  To me a person with Excel who has to do lengthy process every time there is a new order or every payroll reports are due is doing manual labor. 

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that humans are TERRIBLE at repetitive tasks!  I would much rather spend the time figuring out how to have a VBA program do it for me.

So go through the Access and Excel courses then spend some of your own time to figure out how to apply what you have learned.  Work isn’t going to slow down for you to learn – you are going to have to invest time now to gain a bunch of time later.  Believe me – it will be worth it!