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NOTE: After 30 years of creating custom databases, I have transitioned into being a full-time instructor on UDEMY and am no longer able to accept new clients.  BUT questions can be answered on my question and answer FORUM HERE.  No email is required to post questions.

A business with a great product or service that falls victim to the administrative workload generated by their own success! The simple notepad or spreadsheet methods that worked well in the beginning start to break down as the volume of work goes up. The business owner’s or key employee’s time is increasingly taken up with administrative tasks and not the work that generates income.

OverworkedUnfortunately, while all this is going on, the business is only able to tap into about 3% of the computer power they have purchased!

To add insult to injury, the computer industry seems to think that, to continue to grow, you should abandon the methods you suceeded with so far, and run your business with some software created by people you don’t know – and who have little understanding of the unique aspects of your business.

But what if there was a person who could help you access all that computer power and allow you to do MORE of what made you successful in the first place? Someone who could shield you from all the computer geek-speak and create something that is super easy to use and affordable. 

HappyClient25 years ago I set out to be that person and my clients tell me I have succeeded. I don’t speak jargon and have a deep understanding of the workings of small businesses. I get the job done quickly and my systems can grow WITH your business.

What I do is listen to people’s needs, then quickly create a program that is my idea of how to do the task. I have the ability to take what may look like total chaos to you and quickly build a system that is easy to use and easy to expand as needs change.

Jay Nelson   
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Without your help and imagination, there is no way we would be able to compete as effectively as we do!

Elena Flemente   
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This System is so easy to use - I just love it!

Erica R.   
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One Click Programming helped us dramatically increase the number of new clients. Thanks for all your excellent help!

Courtney R.   
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Creating the Buyers Guide used to be a nightmare! Now it takes less than a minute!

Many of my clients have been with me the entire 25 years and count on me as a trusted advisor because they know my goal is always the increased profitability of their business!

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